About us

Inside us: collective ambition.

The power of collective ambition and commitment to the art of design defines our purpose. Design is not about decoration; it is a critical component of how we communicate, collaborate, work, rest and play.

Design matters

We believe in creating the built environment that transforms the human condition.


We like to have fun and encourage communication. We play to each other’s strengths and exchange ideas.

Working together

We push the boundaries of design, leading by example and building trust to advance the social purpose of our company.

We best inspire by being inspired.

To define our practice, we looked at the most successful and respected companies in the world and tried to understand what made them great.

Meet our leadership team.

Our leadership team provides everyday business strategy for WAYNE CORP to sustain, grow and be profitable in the marketplace. We focus on the functional design that brings to life a client’s culture.

Our roots run far and wide.

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