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At WAYNE CORP, we believe buildings have power. More than simply a structure, the built environment has the ability to transform people’s lives. With the right design, a building can improve how occupants operate in a space, thereby enhancing organizational performance, improving employee engagement and more. Our exceptional team of designers is committed to using architecture as a strategic tool to meet our clients’ needs, delivering flexible and agile designs which will provide value now and in the future.

Our work begins by collaborating with our clients to uncover their needs for their space. Once those needs are known, our comprehensive team gets to work, overseeing the creation or renovation of a building from start to finish. Collaboration is a key element of each project we undertake. We have the ability to assemble large, multi-disciplined teams comprised of both internal and external consultant resources to deliver projects in their entirety. We’re committed to creating the ideal team to fulfill our clients’ needs, and we excel at securing the right partners to bring their goals to life.

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Though our knowledge is broad, our projects are never cookie cutter. We hone in on a client’s unique characteristics and objectives to develop design solutions specifically tailored to fulfill their individual needs and goals, while always remaining sensitive to budgets.

WAYNE CORP is licensed to provide architectural services in all 50 states.

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Our clientele come from all walks of life with one common thread: they want to make their home a sanctuary, experience the benefits of feng shui, and achieve an environment that is healing and peaceful. Their homes come in every size – from condos to mansions, but they all have that same-shared goal.

Yes! Many of the services we offer, from upholstery to bedding to drapery, is custom to give your home the uniqueness it deserves.

Traditionally, full service Interior Design is a true turn key experience. Our goal is to complete an entire room, groups of rooms or an entire home in a single installation. Although many of our clients do their projects in phases, our full service design does not lend itself to selling individual furnishings or accessories. Full service design is about letting our team and I handle all the details from research, selection, purchasing and other logistics. The investment for this service is a flat design fee in conjunction with a furnishings budget.